In this article we are going to show you the best places to find antique furniture in Ireland. If you are looking to create a setting in your home from Yesteryear, you can shop for unique antique pieces currently for sale in Ireland.

This blog post will highlight the best places to find antique furniture in Ireland.


1) Jo’s Bespoke Furniture

Jo’s Bespoke Furniture is the best place to find antique furniture in Ireland. This antique furniture company, not only have an antique furniture store in Donegal, but they also have an online shop where you can purchase antiques and second hand preloved furniture.

With great customer service, you can find your requirements or have items sourced for you. Jo’s Bespoke Furniture also specialise in Renaissance style furniture and have a number of similar style suites and chairs available to order direct from the website.


2) Jaadz

Jaadz is one of the leading free classified ads website in Ireland. There are lots of antique furniture ads at the moment from sellers all over Ireland and Northern Ireland. If you are interested in having a look at what is available near you or in your locality, it is a good shout to try


3) Facebook

Facebook is a popular place to find antique furniture in your area with lots of groups with people sharing items they have for sale. The Facebook Marketplace is also a great addition to finding the antique pieces that you need to give your home that flair you have been longing for.


4) Antique Magazines

For those who enjoy reading, there are a number of antique magazines that are still on the newsagent shelves. For those who enjoy working with or trading antiques as a hobby the antique magazines remain a popular choice despite the influence of online media.

Antique magazines regularly have ads from antique dealers in Ireland and the UK and are often a great choice for those seeking antique furniture to find what they desire.


5) Done Deal

Donedeal is one of Irelands biggest paid ads website and often have ads for antique furniture. If you are interested in the antique furniture options in and around your area, then Donedeal is a great choice for you.


There you have it, the 5 best places to find antique furniture in Ireland. Antique furniture can be hard to find but with the various websites online and specialist magazines, it is becoming that more simple to find the antiques you want to make your home that more special.