Are you searching the web for a way to earn money online fast? Or are you a teenager without a job who is desperate for some easy money?

Cash Crate is one of those get paid to websites that offer you money for taking surveys, signing up to free offers and for shopping online.

Is Cash Crate any good? Should you sign up to this site? Is it a scam?

Cash Crate survey review

This post shows you all you need to know about Cash Crate.

Is Cash Crate Legit?

Cash Crate has been around for quite some time. They reward their users for signing up to offers, completing free surveys, shopping online and referring other people to join the website. The website is a legitimate one, however most rewards can be gained by signing other people up to the website.


Will CashCrate make me rich?

You won’t make a lot of money though with CashCrate. It would just be some extra cash in your pocket, unless you are very dedicated to this website and spend a lot of time referring other members to the site.


How Much Can I Make From Doing Surveys?

The regular online surveys pay from about 30 cents to 3 dollars. You have to enter your personal information for most surveys, and they will continue to email their ads to your email address. It is suggested that you make a new email account for this because you don’t want your personal inbox full of junk email. After you register your information for each survey, you also have a chance for a prize the survey is offering.


When Do I Get Paid?

When you reach $20, you can cash out via Check. The check will get sent out to you by the 15th of each month.


What Age Do I have To Be To Sign Up?

You have to at least be thirteen to make an account. This site is therefore teenager friendly and a useful place for teens to earn money online! They have a list of “jobs” you can do with the amount of money you can earn.

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I recently made an account on Cash Crate, but I quit within a few hours because:

1) The surveys are very time consuming

2) I began receiving a lot of annoying junk email in my inbox

3) Its really hard to make very little amounts of money (20 minute survey for a dollar and fifty cents?)

4) Some information is required that is better kept private.

5) It is extremely boring and you get asked variations of the same question

I think using this website is a waste of time. This is just my opinion, some people say that they actually make hundreds of dollars each month just by using Cash Crate. Possibly it will work if you have a large referral network.


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