Are you based in India and want to know about the best survey sites that pay cash in India? We previously helped over 39,000 Indian readers make more money by using the best paid surveys for Indians 2016 & 2017. Things have changed over the past year so you can compare what surveys have moved when compared to last years Indian survey post.

Survey Sites That Pay Cash In India

In this post we are going to show people in India the highest paying surveys that actually pays cash in 2019. The websites listed in this post are online survey jobs in India without registration fee. You are earning free money essentially when you sign up to these websites.

5 Highest Paying Survey Sites For Indians 2019

5) Toluna

Toluna is a research panel that has been around for some time and have lots of members from India. They actively seek new users from India and pay fairly for your work, provided you qualify for the survey you are doing.

Toluna have an office in India for customer queries which is a huge benefit if you are looking for help regarding your profile etc.

One of the benefits to using this website is the fact that you get paid to answer sponsored polls which count towards your rewards balance.

Another useful fact about Toluna is that their app integrates with your website profile meaning you can make money when you are on the go. Also if a survey becomes available, you will also be able to answer it as you get the notification to your smartphone.

You get paid by Paypal when you earn enough points for your reward.



4) SurveySaavy

SurveySaavy is a survey website for Indians that pays cash. It has been around for quite some time so you can say that this panel is a reputable one.

This survey panel actively look for users from India to join. It is also worth noting that it is free for anyone to join and no costs is necessary only your spare time.

The best part of SurveySaavy is that you only need the equivalent of $1 to cash out your rewards.

If you have a lot of friends, you can refer them and earn money from the earnings that they achieve. This means you get more than one way of earning cash from this survey website.

SurveySaavy is also a teenager friendly survey panel



3) IndiaSpeaks

IndiaSpeaks is an Indian survey panel and it is one of the most reliable. It was never a hugely high paying panel, but they have become more generous over the past year.

This surveys are generally based on your opinions of infrastructure in your local Indian city. Users get paid also for your thoughts on popular products and services.

If you speak various India languages, you may be able to benefit from various paid surveys on offer.

You will get rewarded with checks or mobile recharge. The rewards are your choice to make.

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2) Opinion World

Opinion World offer paid surveys India without investment. Opinion World are one of the best known survey panels in the world and are known for their on time payments to their members.

The Opinion World panel offer surveys on a range of topics. The surveys are also fairly regular so it gives Indian users a great opportunity to earn cash.

When you reach the pay out threshold, you can choose to get your cash paid through PayPal.

Overall, Opinion World is a fantastic website to join if you are looking to make money online.



1) PanelPlace

PanelPlace is the most genuine online paid surveys in India. It is one of our favourite survey panels on the planet. The reason it is the best, is the fact that they are the highest paying survey panel in the world.

This survey panel offers excellent support to users who may have experienced difficulties with their accounts or syncing of their website account with the PanelPlace App.

The PanelPlace app offers a huge opportunity for Indians to earn money on the go. When a new survey becomes available, you simply get a notification and you can then answer the survey when you are on the go.

The PanelPlace app is available on both Android and iOS devices.

Overall PanelPlace is an honest and highly rewarding panel that pays Indian users the best out of all survey panels.