Do you live in Canada and want to make good money by answering paid surveys at home?


This post shows you the 10 best paying survey sites for people in Canada in 2018. The following surveys are legitimate and will pay you on time. With the following paid opinions websites you can easily make extra money online each month using your computer or smartphone.

10 best paid surveys Canada

10 Best Survey Sites in Canada 2018


10) Pinecone Research Canada


Pinecone Research is a top survey panel to join if you get an invitation. The panel is invite only and this means the payouts are good. Owned by The Nielsen market research company, they are often looking for new members from Canada to join.

Pinecone research surveys

Pinecone Research uses a points system for paying their members. In general 100 points are worth $1 and the threshold to get paid is only at 300 or $3. Cash payments to Canadian members are made by PayPal or check. If you prefer to receive a gift card, you can redeem your points for Amazon, iTunes, Home Depot and Starbucks gift cards.



9) Toluna


Toluna is a decent survey site to join if you are living in Canada. As a worldwide survey site they are also known to provide higher payouts to members in Canada, the US and UK. Canadian users are also more likely to get free product trials from this survey panel.


Another benefit for Canadians using this survey panel is the fact that you are less likely to get disqualified from completing a survey.

Toluna paid surveys


The surveys provided by Toluna, usually last around 12 -15 minutes and the topics are based around everyday issues and your opinions of certain services.


As a member from Canada, you should receive around 5 – 8 surveys per month.


The Mini Polls are another method of earning from this website. The rewards for completing Mini Polls are small, but by completing you can get closer to the threshold for payment.


Toluna use a points system which can be exchanged for gift cards. Canadians can receive Amazon and iTunes vouchers as Rewards from the Toluna survey website.



8) UniqueRewards


UniqueRewards is a popular rewards website offering paid surveys that Canadian people can sign up to for free. Together with surveys members of this website can also earn money for completing offers, visiting websites, watch videos, listen to the radio and referring your friends and family.


Uniquerewards surveys


With so many ways to earn money, this is a good site to try if you are a person from Canada looking to earn money online without any investment.


To cash out your earnings, you will need to earn $20 USD. Cash will be paid to you via check or PayPal. Your earnings will be converted to Canadian Dollars once checks are cashed to your bank, and likewise with PayPal.



7) iPoll


iPoll (formerly known as SurveyHead) is a US based survey panel that will also pay good rewards for surveys to their Canadian members. There is also a mobile app that members can also use to answer surveys on the go. Some would also suggest that by downloading the app, you will also receive more survey invites.

iPoll survey review

iPoll may also offer you paid product testing so you may get yourself some free items and also get paid for it.


iPoll offer various rewards for their Canadian members including PayPal cash and e-vouchers for online shopping at Amazon, iTunes, and more. The minimum threshold to cash out is $25 USD. These rewards can take 3-5 weeks to deliver to customers in Canada.




6) Prize Rebel


Prize Rebel is another get paid to website that offers paid surveys for Canadian members who sign up. There are a large selection of surveys to choose from on a weekly basis and you can also get paid to refer people to the site. Surveys come from survey providers including Peanut Labs and similar. There are also free and paid offers that you can also gain points for which can then be exchanged for rewards.



The sign up to the site is simple and only takes around 3 minutes.


The minimum payment threshold is $2 for an Amazon voucher. $5 is the minimum for PayPal cash. The more points you earn you may be able to get a PS4 or xBox as your reward.

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5) PanelPlace


PanelPlace is a good paying survey site if you are from Canada. This survey also has an app that you can download for free and install on your Android Phone. This helps you to maximize your profits as you can answer surveys while on the go and you are not limited to using your desktop to complete surveys.


Surveys by PanelPlace will take you 5 – 30 minutes to complete. Surveys are offered by other survey companies including Toluna, who are listed above. With this survey panel you will get legitimate surveys with great rewards.


For Canadians, you will receive panel invitations on a regular basis and once you reach the payment threshold, you will receive PayPal cash or choose to receive a gift card for Amazon.




4) GlobalTestMarket


GlobalTestMarket are above and beyond the rest of the survey websites when it comes to paid surveys for people living in Canada.

GlobalTestMarket surveys

Depending on your demographics and the location where you live in Canada, you could earn anywhere up to and over $1000 in 2019 using this survey panel.


Global Test Market pay out their members over $30 million each year, that is much more than any of their competitors.


The survey site is free to sign up to and the registration process is easy (just ensure that you verify your email address.


GlobalTestMarket use a points system where the minimum threshold is $50. This may seem high but with this survey the payouts (especially for Canadian members) are much higher than you would find with similar survey sites.


You can receive your $50+ rewards in the form of PayPal cash or you can get a gift card for Amazon or Starbucks.


If you are not already sign up to Global Test Market, then you need to get started now to get good money online.





American Consumer Opinion or ACOP as they are better known as are one of the most trusted survey panels on the website. Not only are the one of the most respected, but they also pay their Canadian members a fair sum for each survey completed.

ACOP surveys


Generally an ACOP surveys last around 10 minutes. If you are lucky, you may get invited to complete a special invitation only survey that can last up to 30 – 40 minutes. These special invitation only surveys are worth up to $50.


As a Canadian, you may also get offered free products to try and offer your honest opinion.

Payments to survey members from Canada are paid through PayPal or if you prefer by check.




2) QuickRewards


The Quick Rewards Network is a high paying get paid to website that is only open to people in the UK, US and Canada. As it is only open to 3 countries, the payouts for the surveys they offer are considerably higher compared to other get paid to websites.

QuickRewards surveyd

Quick Rewards will also pay you for playing games, watching videos and give you cashback for shopping online.


Rewards on offer from The Quick Rewards Network include PayPal cash and e-vouchers for your favorite online stores.




1) Swagbucks

Swagbucks is the best and most lucrative survey website to join in 2019 that will make you lots of money if you are looking for the best paying surveys in Canada.

Swagbucks is loved by many members worldwide and this is no different for members from Canada. Swagbucks is a fun website that pays you for surveys and a whole host of other cool stuff including, watching videos, playing games, referring friends and browsing the internet.

Swagbucks surveys

This get paid to website pays you in points which can then be exchanged for rewards including gift cards and PayPal cash. Swagbucks is one of the most reliable get paid to websites online and are relatively quick to pay their Canadian members who reach their payment threshold.


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