Are you good at listening and typing? You may be able to start a career providing transcription services. Becoming a transcriber is one of the best ways to make money from home.


Transcribers are required by a variety of different sectors and by those in a wide range of professions. The courts around the world need transcribers to record testimonies, police officers require transcribers to put oral statements into writing.


Authors and bloggers often speak what is on their mind and get transcription services to put this into writing to save time. These are just some examples of those who require transcription services.


make money as a transcriber


Where can I find work and make money as a transcriber?


There are many places where you can find work as a transcriber, for example, you can set up your own business or find work online by joining freelancing websites or joining dedicated transcribing sites.


Starting your own business


One of the best ways to make money as a transcriber is to set up your own business. To do this you should register with your local tax office to become tax compliant and start getting your business noticed. To find work you should set up your own website and start social media pages.


You should also promote your business offline by joining business networking groups and by getting posters and business cards printed. You should also think about advertising in newspapers also.


Freelance transcriber


You can also join freelancing websites such as Fiverr, Upwork and Freelancer in order to find work online. Do also be aware that you will face stiff competition from other transcribers from around the world.


Joining Transcriber sites


There are a number of sites that are dedicated to offering transcription services and offer new users to join them


Websites such as TranscribeMe and QuickTate are websites that offer money for being a transcriber. The downside to these type of sites is that you are not always garanteed to find work as there is alot of competition. Also these sites will not pay you that much and you will unlikely not become rich.


TranscribeMe offer around $14 – $20 per hour of audio. So for every hour long file you transcribe you can earn $14 – $20. This is a site that is good for beginers but it is alot of work if you are trying to earn a decent living.


QuickTate offers around $1 for every 400 words which is a lot of work for such small money. The site is reliable but finding work on the site can be difficult. This company will hire anyone willing to carry out transcription services.


How long does it take to transcribe one hour of audio?

Professional standards would outline that it takes 1 hour to transcribe 15 minutes of speech. This will give you an idea of what to charge per hour of transcribing if you are thinking of starting are career in this area.


The best step to make money as a transcriber

If you are serious about starting a business and becoming a professional transcriptionist, you should set up your own website. This way you can become an authority in the area of transcription, get ranked in Google for your own location and no longer become just another freelancer on a freelance website. Having you own website will mean that you will get more leads for your business and you can charge what you like for your services.

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