Online courses and e-learning are becoming ever more popular terms that we can come to know in recent years. There are many courses that people can do online, are affordable and can be accessed in their own spare time. The topics that you can learn about using the web are absolutely endless. Do you know that you can create a course from home and sell it to people throughout the world? There are many ways in which you can start courses and make money online from them. Sites such as Udemy even state that they offer courses on virtually anything.


make money selling online courses

Choosing your online course to sell


Are you experienced in a certain area? Can you call yourself an expert in some niche area? Have you a hobby that you are absolutely dedicated about? If so you could put your knowledge together to create a course. Courses online come in many forms:


Email Courses


Email courses are popular and easy to set up. When someone signs up on a website and purchases a course they receive a number of automated emails over a period of time.


Powerpoint courses


If you have a website you can forward a powerpoint presentation via email or receive upon download once someone has purchased a course.


Video courses


This type of course is the most popular online. You can video yourself or someone else talking in depth about your topic of choice and have these videos as access only on a website or publish on e-learning sites such as It is important that you are familiar with photo editing software in order to produce high quality videos for your customers. The courses that turn over hundreds of thousands online are all created by a professional crew in a studio where there is perfect lighting and no background noise.


How much can you charge?


This depends on your expertise, the quality of your course and the demand for it. While for many low priced courses can attract more buyers, but if you have a reputation as an expert you can attract customers at any fee that you think is right for the information that you have to offer.