In 2019, the marijuana industry produced 52 billion in sales. These sales are only the tip of the iceberg since its job generation rate increased by 76%. Have you considered investing in this industry?

You may have thought about it, but think only experts can find the top cannabis stocks. Yet, that’s far from the truth. You can take your portfolio to the next level by investing in the best marijuana stocks.

How to Find the Top Cannabis Stocks to Buy in 2020

Don’t know how? We’ve got you covered. Here are the 5 steps you should follow to start investing in the top marijuana stocks today.


1. Learn About the Industry and Define Your Investment Strategy

Believe it or not, the key to successful investing is learning as much as you can about the industry. Is recreational marijuana consumption growing?

Maybe medical marijuana startups are growing and posting amazing sales numbers. Either way, learning about the companies and industry will allow you to make the best plays.

You should also define your investment objectives. Are you looking for long term growth or boosting your portfolio value? Your investment strategy will be your guiding light when choosing stocks to invest in.


2. Assess the Potential Risks of Your Investments

Successful investors master assessing the risks of their investments. When you invest there’s always a chance that you’ll win or lose. However, staying on top of what’s happening in the industry will help you leverage your risk.

When you invest in marijuana stocks, you’ll need to keep in mind that changes in politics, laws, supply, and demand can affect your investment. It’s vital to stay on top of the latest news to make the best plays before it’s too late.


3. Take a Look at the Top Cannabis Stocks

Before investing, you need to take a look at the top marijuana stocks. What are these companies doing? Do these stocks have long term growth potential?

Aim to find out more about companies such as Planet 13 Holdings, Inc. that are setting the bar high in the Cannabis industry. Learning about these stocks will help you spot the best-performing investments in the market.


4. Narrow Down Your Choices and Invest

After learning about the most traded cannabis stocks, you should search the market for stocks that meet your objectives and budget. Take a look at their track record and latest numbers. Are these companies changing the industry?

Narrow down a list of stocks that meet your investment strategy. Don’t buy them all at once. It’s recommended to invest a conservative amount of money before going all in.


5. Monitor Your Portfolio and Make Adjustments

The work doesn’t end after buying your stocks. It’s important to monitor your portfolio and make adjustments by selling or buying investments. While ups and downs in the market shouldn’t sway you to buy or sell stocks, it’s vital to stay on top of the latest news to make the right adjustments to your portfolio.


Can You Make the Best Investments in the Cannabis Industry?

You can buy the top cannabis stocks to take your portfolio to the next level. It will all come down to developing your investment strategy and sticking to it. You may have a go big or go home mindset, but you should consider your investments carefully.

It’s important to choose investments that provide long term growth. If you aren’t sure about the best approach, you should consider consulting an expert. However, we’re confident you’ll build the best cannabis stock portfolio if you follow our step by step guide.

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