Are you shocked that the average American’s electric bill costs over $115 each month?

If you have a big family or home, then you may laugh at this figure because your bills are even higher. Anyone who’s tired of paying too much to power their homes might be wondering what they can do to save money on power bills.

The good news is that you don’t need to go back to prehistoric times and how to save on electric bill expenses

Use Your Fan Whenever Possible

A clever way you can reduce electricity bills is to stop heating or cooling your entire home. Raising or lowering the temperature a bit and switching on the fan in the room you’re using can make a difference. During the winter, be sure to switch the blades so they spin counterclockwise to make rooms warmer.

Buy Smart Power Strips

A lesser-known trick to reduce electricity usage is to use smart power strips throughout your home. Devices like your television, coffee machine, and toaster can suck up energy just by staying plugged in. With the simple tap of a button on your phone, you can disconnect any appliance that doesn’t need to stay on.

Load Up Your Fridge and Freezer

Are you surprised that maximizing your fridge and freezer capacity could be a solution to achieve a lower power bill? These appliances work best when there’s more food inside, so stock up! You can also check the temperature to ensure you’re not paying for more power than necessary.

Avoid Peak Usage Hours

Most Americans get their chores done when they get home from work. This ends up making electricity more expensive for everyone since electric companies charge premium rates. Try to avoid using big appliances between 4 and 6 pm.

Upgrade to Solar Energy

The ultimate method to save on electrical bills is to invest in Blue Raven Solar panels. You will have to pay money upfront, but this brilliant technology can give you at least 15 years of free energy after you finish paying off the panels.

Remix the Way You Do Laundry

Are you someone who dumps your clothes into the washing machine and tries to press the start button as soon as possible? Take a few moments to switch the machine to cold water so you don’t waste energy. Try to hang your clothes instead of using a dryer as well.

Be Aware of Your Lights

We’re all guilty of leaving the lights on in rooms we’ve left long ago. Do your best to break this bad habit.

If you haven’t screwed in LED lightbulbs yet either, then now is the perfect time.

Now You Know How to Save on Electric Bill Expenses

The quality of your life doesn’t have to suffer if you’re interested in cutting your bills. Following this guide on how to save on electric bill expenses will work wonders for your finances.

Being a mindful homeowner is crucial for making smart money moves. To get more inspiring finance tips, check out our blog.