Emily Fernandez is an actress and a TV show personality who is well known for her performance in the TV Show, Little Women: Atlanta.

She was born on 22nd June in 1992. Although she is currently residing in Atlanta, she was born and grew up in Texas. Without considering her dwarf nature, she counted on her courage and talent which helped her to enter the entertainment field and became famous because of her talent.

Emily Fernandez net worth

Emily Fernandez’s Career

At the beginning, Emily Fernandez has worked as a club dancer with her friend Bri Barlup who is still working with her as a co-star in the TV show, Little Woman. This duo is famous as “The Cheeks” and Emily is known as “Right Cheek” while Bri is known as “Left Cheek”.

The duo was appeared in the music video of “Da Wop” by the rapper Lil Chuckee. Later she gets the chance to appear in Little Women: Atlanta and Little Women: Dallas with her friend Bri Barlup where she is performing really well.

She did song with Dreadz who is a rapper and the song was titled as “Lifetime”. Emily has her own YouTube channel which is named as “OFFICIALCRC” and she has done 3 songs in 2017 with her friend Bri which were titled as Poppin’ Bottles, Gettin Rich and HD.


Emily Fernandez’ Net Worth

Emily Fernandez is a 26-year-old and just started her career as an actress on 2016. As for today, she has an approximate net worth of about $400,000 which is quite a good amount for a TV show personality who has just started her career. She is mainly earning with her TV shows and live performances.

As mentioned before, she also has a YouTube channel which gets her some more dollars. The Poppin’ Bottles video which she did with her friend, got 12 million views in just 2 months.


Emily Fernandez is a big inspiration for most of the people out there and from her interviews, it depicts that she is person who just focus on her career and success and do not care what society think which is a good attitude to have with any person.