This is the best time in history to be running a small business. 

The reason for this is that we have access to certain tools and equipment that even the playing field more than ever. Machinery and processes that used to take up entire buildings are not only available in the form of small pieces of equipment or mobile apps — they are also incredibly affordable for everyone. 

As such, you can get your hands on this equipment so that your business is able to communicate and stay productive. Use the office equipment list below so that you start by grabbing some must-haves. 

1. A Heavy-Duty Wi-Fi Printer and Copier

Since companies have to make copies and print, you should invest in the best printer and copier for your needs. While there are so many of these machines available, you should search for a Wi-Fi one that is easy to connect to. 

That way, you will have a printer and copier that is productive and that doesn’t steal precious time during the day. 

You can learn more here if you are in the market for an office copier. 

Office equipment

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2. Instant Messaging and Video Chat

Having access to internal communication tools, you will cut out wasted meetings, keep records of conversations and make it much easier to team build in your company. 

There are plenty of software and hardware tools that you can use to get this done. 

When you look into the Slack app, you are getting the benefits of instant messaging, e-mail and file sharing all in one. You can also build out your conference room to include things like HD cameras, an audio system, projectors, and lighting so that you can hold amazing teleconference meetings. 


3. Cloud-Based File Storage

To really make your company more productive, you all will need access to the same cloud-based file storage. 

This gives you the chance to build projects little by little, without having to send huge e-mail attachments or deal with even slower and less productive forms of communication. Be sure that you grant access to those that need it so that this form of communication is productive and seamless. 


4. The Best Office Lighting

Be sure that you also have access to quality LED lighting so that everyone in your office can see clearly. 

This way, you’ll protect people’s vision and prevent fatigue. As such, your employees can work for longer hours, and you will pay less in electrical bills. 


5. Ergonomic Chairs

Finally, you need to make certain that people are comfortable whenever they work. 

To this end, invest in ergonomic office chairs that people can sit in for long hours. This will also protect their necks and backs from injury. 


Consider This Office Equipment List 

When you follow this office equipment list, you will have the tools to keep your workplace comfortable and productive. Let these tips steer you toward the best possible office equipment, and take the time to shop around for what you need. 

Consider this equipment list and check out our content for more information.