Businesses give out promotional products whenever they want to show their appreciation for their customers or just want to give away free gifts for attendees at sales and live events. Tradeshows are another terrific place for companies to share their wares and give visitors something to remember them by. When reviewing what product to give out, the companies can find wonderful items that get reused and provide them with indirect marketing opportunities. 

1. T-Shirts

Screenprinted or embroidered shirts are a wonderful selection for customers and give them something they will wear frequently. Many visitors save t-shirts for the gym or when they are cleaning the house. Regardless of when they wear the apparel, the name and contact information for the business will be right there in front of everyone they are around.

The indirect marketing option is terrific for customers who are active and will wear the shirts more often. Businesses can learn more about specialty apparel by visiting for more information now.  

2. Embroidered Hats

Baseball caps and visors are popular selections that visitors receive when trying out products at trade events. If the hats are stylish and attractive colors, the wearer will use the hat each day, especially in the summer. It’s a free gift for the visitors, but for the business, the customer’s new favorite hat is a selling machine that entices more people to find out more about the business and its products or services.  

3. Coffee Mugs

When inquiring about what customers do for a living, the sales team could spot visitors who work in an office setting or who drink coffee each day. When buying coffee mugs for clients as gifts or tokens of appreciation, it’s best to choose individuals who are likely to use the mugs daily and place them in front of a wider market of potential buyers.

If they work in a store or office, more people will see it and ask about the company. The mugs are strategic products that are used for years, and many people consider them a great choice for companies that really care about their clients. 

4. Tote Bags

Personalized bags are a terrific choice for customers, especially anyone who carries around items each day. Teachers, counselors, and sales workers will need to tote around items each day, and a tote bag is an ideal solution for the clients.

When visiting a promotional event or winning a prize from their favorite company, a decorative canvas bag is a top commodity. Not only will the customer use the bag each day, but they will show the bag to their friends and family bragging about how great the company is.  

5. Pens

Many people collect pens from all over tradeshows and public events. Even sales teams get pens from other businesses, and each time they use the pens it shows others the name of the company and its contact information. Ballpoint pens are the most popular selections because they are terrific writing tools and flow across the paper with ease. Businesses can buy a variety of colors and font styles for the products, and they can order the items in a bulk supply.  

6. Koozies

These products are great for everyone, and they keep the customer’s beverages cold longer. The koozies are available in a variety of styles from slip-on to zip-up designs that are easy to use and provide all the company’s information on the side. The products come in fun colors or even the same color scheme as the business logo. The owner can order a large quantity of the products for less and ensure that clients reuse the products. 

7. Water Bottles

Since a growing number of people are trying to get healthier these days, containers for water are a terrific choice for clients who live an active lifestyle. The bottles should be constructed of stainless steel as it is durable and won’t corrode easily. The person could get many years of use from the container and will have an adequate supply of water whenever they want it. Companies print their full logo, name, and contact information on the side of the bottles.  

8. Mobile Accessories

Many companies offer tech tools like jump drives and styluses. The products come with full function and are great tools for anyone who uses a smartphone or computer each day. The promo items could be used as door prizes for customers who buy the most during the live event. Each of the items are cost-effective and won’t generate excessive expenses for the company.  

9. Keychains 

Promotional items such as keychains are beneficial choices for customers, and if the products are stylish and attractive, the person will use the item for their house or car keys. By choosing concepts that are appealing to men and women, the company could give them a product with more use value that will be seen by more friends and family.  

10. Stress Balls

Many consumers buy novelty products such as stress balls because the items can relieve frustrations and help them let go of common stressors. By giving out the items, the company’s details are visible to anyone who sees the stress ball, and the customer will remember that the business gave them a nice gift.  

Promotional items are beneficial for the companies that buy them and the customers who receive them. When reviewing their options, owners consider how often the person will use these items and when others will see the products.

Many companies give out notepads or limited-use items to visitors, but once they use up the paper, the opportunity for indirect marketing ends. More useful items such as coffee mugs, totes, and water bottles are used frequently, and if the items are well-constructed, the company increases conversion rates. 

When choosing the best options, the owner reviews the total cost for the items and if bulk orders are cost-effective. Many distributors offer high-quality products for promotions, live events, or just to show high-caliber customers some appreciation. By reviewing all the top choices, business owners find terrific selections for their clientele and impress them with useful items.