Dressyours.com is one of the leading women’s online fashion clothing store wholesaler. Dressyours.com provides its users with high quality, trendy clothing at reasonable prices regardless of where you live in the world.


All your clothing needs

Dressyours.com offers a wide variety of trendy clothing and other items. Some of the items they offer for their customers include women’s clothing, wedding dresses, bags, cosplay costumes, tops, outwears, bottoms, shoes, Lingerie, jewelry, wigs, accessories and much more. The best thing about Dressyours.com is that, all the clothes that they are selling are made of top high quality materials and go through rigorous inspection.



Bulk discounts

Dressyours.com sells in wholesale hence giving discounts to their customers especially those who buy in bulk. As a result, the more you buy, the more you will benefit from huge discounts. Doesn’t that sound great?

Many customers who have had the chance to buy items from Dressyours.com have expressed gratitude due the wide variety of items they were able to choose from. In order to appeal to their wide global market, they provide a huge range of products with different styles for their customers to choose from. Furthermore, they are constantly adding brand new items to their stock.


Worldwide Shipping

Dressyours.com provides the safest, fastest and the most reliable shipping methods. They offer two types of shipping methods which include; expedited and standard method. For the expedited method; delivery times are between 2 – 5 days to all major destinations while delivery times for the standard method are between 4 – 8 days to all major destinations. Standard shipping method costs less but takes a bit longer than expedited shipping. Besides, Dressyours.com has entered into long term contracts with well-known and reliable shipping companies making their shipping more reliable.


Dressyours has a committed customer service that is always ready to address any problem that may arise with any order that you received. They operate for 24 hours hence they can be contacted anytime you experience a problem with an order you receive from Dressyours


Dressyours in the process of becoming Tidestore

In the coming weeks you will notice that when you click to enter Dressyours you will be redirected to Tidestore.com. This will be the new brand for 2014.